Introducing "The Red Witch", a 77-foot 2 masted topsail schooner with a dramatic crimson red hull. Offering a comfortable cockpit and deck, this boat is perfect for a cruise for nearly 50 women who love women to sit back, relax, enjoy the beautiful night sky, sip some wine and champagne and mingle with friends.

Dress comfortably, and wear soft-soled shoes, and bring a jacket in case it cools off.

You'll feel more like a crew member than a passenger aboard the Red Witch. This is truly a classically designed sailing vessel which can travel at a brisk pace powered by her majestic sails. You are invited to help with the setting of the sails, or take a turn at the helm, or you could just enjoy the magic of sailing aboard a traditional schooner

We board the boat near the loop at Burnham Harbor which is adjacent to Chicago's Museum Campus, McCormick Convention Center, and just east of Solider Field. BURNHAM HARBOR is located at 1559 S. Lake Shore Drive.

The sailboat leaves at 5:00pm sharp. Please arrive for boarding at 4:30pm at the very latest. The boat WILL NOT wait for late passengers, so you must arrive on time.

Driving Directions:
Exit Lakeshore Drive on 18th Street, head east towards the water, about 1/4 mile. Follow the road around the bend, to a stop sign at Waldron Rd, turn right, you will see the harbor clearly in front of you. Cross the bike path and on your right you will find the harbors public parking.

Parking is privately administered, and is run by Standard Parking. The daily rate is $19.

You will feel a slight angle of "lean" or "heel" when the ship is pointed in certain directions. However, Red Witch has a broad full keel (or "bottom"), and weighs 41 tons, so she tends to be quite stable even when it is windy out. You can easily walk about the boat without losing your balance or your sandwich. When the wind comes from the northerly directions, there may be more waves on the lake, or "swells". Occasionally despite the overall stability of Red Witch, someone who is susceptible to motion sickness may experience discomfort. What you can do about that, take non-drowsy Dramamine prior to the sail (sold over the counter). The crew will also brief us before departure if there are some wavy conditions and on a "rolly" day, the Captain may choose to sail a more sheltered and calm ride during our sail

If you bring your own beverage, be aware that ONLY plastic bottled drinks and cans are allowed; no glass bottles - FOR SAFETY REASONS

The consumption of alcohol may commence once all passengers have boarded the vessel and has moved from the dock. All alcohol consumption must cease fifteen (15) minutes before returning to the dock. Guests may not depart with alcoholic beverages

Prior to departure, all guests will be required to sign a WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY (details given by the Captain)

Call Carol at 312-399-9669 for more information, to make special requests, etc.