Someone said to me, "it takes a struggle for us to realize our full potential. Problems ONLY come when we get comfortable in things". Well I am thankful that you are wonderful and make me give a 'pure' effort to give you my best. You deserve it and I'm happy that you DON'T accept less. You actually do know my potential, that I can be a more pleasant lover, that I am open to learning HOW to please you & you are calling for my ability to 'be my best' (to overcome the struggle of previous mediocrity). See us getting along was the problem I faced & now I'm struggling to rise above the simplicity I became accustomed to in order to reach your level of understanding. You seem to just be sitting back, holding out, but anticipating my success in becoming a considerate, understanding, fair and equal participant in OUR involvement. Not just being thoughtful, but giving full thought to being a worthy lover. Not being nonchalant with things you say truly bother you, not making it important to stress my point, not being insensitive to your ways but FULLY learning what is important in being the mate to your soul, the partner in your life, the one you choose to share your world with that understands it open heartedly.

It's also a blessing that you are trying to understand me. That you do still find a way to miss me. That you haven't let go. Which would be the easy alternative, but you are still here, just like you said you would be. You have forgiven me for hurting you and for being stubborn. You have been patient, you have been honest/expressive & you are making me WORK. I can only appreciate that. I believe I'm worthy & obviously you do too. Thank you. I want all of this for US. Everything I desire and need, you HAVE. I need to be important to you. I desire for us to have a REAL chance at a lasting, loving relationship together. I'm patiently waiting for you to step outside of day-to-day and take me back into your arms. Why keep yourself from all the love that I have and wanna show you? Decide that WE should start planning our future together. I'm going to continue on my good path of receiving your lessons because it's teaching me the CORRECT way to love you. Which is fairly, understandably, considerably and equally. As long as I live, I will learn new things about you and how to continually please you. This I promise because we will continue to fall in love over and over again throughout all of our years ahead. That's my goal. I want the 'Cancer's love' YOU described in our beginning; I miss the energy YOU felt for me when I first began to impress you; I live for the support YOU promise because of the woman that you are. I can reach the top of the world because I believe it and YOU cosign for it. Be by my side, that's where our destiny is.

Love, Carol

Welcome me into
your thoughts,
your mind;
introduce me to
your heart, your
feelings; allow me
to explore your
body, your temple;
grant me entry into
your spirit and soul.
With this I am
deserving and I