Previous Event Comments

      First Time Attendee Feedback:
I found out about the event through some friends. I appreciated the personal connection I experienced while conducting business. I like the variety of Pasta dishes. I thought serving the meal that way was a great idea. one did not have to wait for meal to be brought to them. It cut down on confusion and received just what was requested. It also was swift. Overall, very nice. I don't know what your expectations were, but I like the idea of a medium crowd. It offered more of an intimate setting. All was calm and peaceful. I enjoyed the music. The gift bags were a pleasant touch. I have been hibernating for ages! It was a great experience to get out and be surrounded by a nice crowd of people. I am so glad my friends told me about this event. It was smooth sailing from beginning to end. I look forward to future experiences in the coming years. You have earned my stamp of approval with a BIG "C" for a Class Act!

      Sharon from Cincinnati, OH wrote:
I wish more people would've come with me from Cincinnati. I think more pics posted of the event might entice a few more out of town guests. Also maybe a package that includes an extra day of some sort of event in town. The hotel was excellent and so was the prime rib.

      Mary Morten of Chicago's Gay & Lesbian Hall of Fame wrote:
Hi Carol. Overall, we had a great time at the hotel and party. Thanks very much for all the planning and attention to details. As someone who plans events and goes to a ton of them, I thought you (and your team) did a very nice job. You are a class act, Carol.

      Marene of Chicago, IL wrote:
Happy New Year Carol! I want to thank you and your staff for providing a fantastic new year event. I felt the cost was very reasonable and the suites were superb, I especially liked the separate sleeping and sitting space. I also liked the mature women who attended. What I would say to someone who wanted to know about the affair is that the organizers are very professional and committed to mature women enjoying themselves and others. And I might add resolving all issues that require their attention to satisfaction.

      Michia of Chicago, IL wrote:
I found this event to be enjoyed by those that were single as well as couples. This is an event that I will continue to support and have witnessed first-hand the professional growth that has taken place. Not only do I thank Class ‘C’ for such an awesome event, I make an appeal that other womyn in other cities be able to experience what the Chicagoland womyn have experienced thanks to Class ‘C’ Entertainment. Executive Sweet's party was a nice, welcomed addition.

      Brigitte and Andrea of Upstate New York wrote:
Just a quick note to tell you that we had a great time this past New Year's Eve in Chicago. We felt that the weekend was well done, classy, structured and provided a wonderful opportunity for like minded sistahs to get together and share their experiences! WELL DONE!! The amount of detailed work you put into the weekend was evident right down to the noise makers and wine on the tables for the Dinner and the Movie spot. We want to encourage're on to something! This is how the Dinah Shore Weekend started you know? Will you be doing this again this New Year's Eve? If so, count us in. All the best!

      Janine of Chicago, IL wrote:
I attended your Dinner & a Movie for Valentine's Day 2005. Actually while attending a party at Club Escape your organization held a raffle and I won tickets for 2 to your event. I would like to say that I enjoyed it immensely. It was well organized, the food was excellent, and I really enjoyed watching the movie by the independent film maker. The fact that it was at an upscale hotel was a plus. The breakfast buffet that was served the next morning was delicious. Even though I won tickets to your event the actual price for everything that I got was well worth it and I would have paid to come regardless. I'm going to make sure that I tell all my friends about it and I truly hope that you plan to have another one really soon! Thank You for such a wonderful time.

      Yolanda from Cincinnati, OH wrote:
I had no idea many of the women didn't know each other. All the ladies were so personable and friendly that I thought everyone knew each other. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed everyone so much that I decided I want to come back. My mate and I drove 5 hours and it was worth the trip because I feel like we met people we would want to stay in contact with, we don't have many things for us to do here in Cincy. Special thanks to Cee Cee for all her hard work. I appreciate all of her time and effort for putting this event together and making everyone feel at home.

      Faye from Chicago, IL wrote:
We enjoyed dinner and a movie. The hotel was the best, the food was delicious and the movies were good. The fact that it was away from the daily stress and confusion made it the best weekend getaway. Thank you ladies for the opportunity to have fun in a beautiful hotel with real women.

      Crys from Indianapolis, IN wrote:
Cee Cee, I wanted to personally thank you for all the work and effort you put into this weekend. I had a wonderful time. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful memories I have been sharing with all of my friends in Indy. I look forward to the next event.

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